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English Comprehension Testing

Certified by The European College of Management


Case Law has shown tribunals awarding a minimum of €5000 per employee in cases where discrimination has been found to have happened. When the employer in question was proven to not have provided their non-native speaking employee with their HR and employment documentation in a language proven to be understood by them!

“It is the right of all employees to receive their contracts of employment, company handbook and Health & Safety material’s in a language that they understand”

No matter how good an employee’s English seems to be often they will show up to a tribunal accompanied by an interpreter having suddenly lost the ability to speak or comprehend the language that they originally boasted about having! And unfortunately it is their right to do so. Your opinion on how good their English abilities were during the recruitment process are not taken into consideration as at the end of the day – what qualification do you have to assess someone’s ability of another language??

Budgets can allow larger firms to translate company material into a multitude of languages; this is usually not feasible for smaller companies. Even the larger companies can be faulted for not keeping records and documentation up –to-date.

The E-Learning Hub has brought to the market a test which can be used as a valuable tool in the assessment of an employee’s comprehension of their outlined employment duties and regulations. This test, which has been developed by the European College of Management, is designed to examine language and certify comprehension in a work environment, in terms of a person’s ability to read and understand:

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Health & Safety documentation
  • Company handbooks

This easy to use tool is online based with a simple invigilator process at set up stage. It’s minimal in cost and can save you a fortune in the future if you are faced with an issue in this area.


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