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Why us?

Here at ISS Prevent we believe it is better and more cost effective to prevent an issue rather than fix an escalating one!! Fire prevention is always easier than firefighting!!
By investing a small portion of time now you can make the changes for a more solid future.

Cost Savings

Many employers believe complying with the law is an expensive exercise and yes perhaps that is true to a certain degree but it’s only a fraction of the cost you will incur if you have to write a compensation cheque or pay legal feels after settling a dispute where it was deemed that you were non-compliant! And do you really have the time or the energy to be fighting against something you know you will potentially lose?

Staff Retention / Performance Management Systems

The retention of talent in an organisation is vital to continued growth. Its common sense to know that if your staff feel valued and appreciated they will be happy, which in turn means they are more likely to stay put. Productivity rises when there is good morale within an organisation.

Ensuring your employees are happy is your responsibility if you wish for them to show loyalty to your business. Through effective performance management systems, and robust staff retention programmes you will feel safe in the knowledge that if an employee does in fact wish to move on from your company then it will be for reasons outside of fair treatment, career progression opportunities, monitory compensation and overall contentment in their role.

Here at ISS Prevent we can put in place tailor made systems to suit your business needs. Perhaps you need a well-designed and well-structured training programme to ensure personnel feel they are being given the same opportunities as everyone else. Do they have options to attend courses / training workshops off site that the company will foot the costs of? Is there ongoing mentoring available to them? Are you providing positive and negative feedback relating to their performance in a professional and nurturing way?


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