Why do I have to pay a registration deposit?
Your registration deposit is part of the overall programme fee (depending on the option we pick) it is not an extra fee. The deposit confirms your decision and commitment to commence the Summer Work Programme.
Am I guaranteed full time working hours every week?
No, you are guaranteed a minimum of 25 hours per week; nonetheless based on last years programme each student got a minimum of 35 hours per week.
Is accommodation sourced?
No accommodation needs to be organised by each individual; we will endeavour to put you in contact with everyone on the course in order to arrange possible accommodation together. You will also be provided with a list of websites where accommodation can be found.
How long does each Certificate last for?
Manual Handling – 3 years
HACCP – 3 years
Customer Service Course – Cert for life
HR for beginners – Cert for life
CV & Interview Techniques – Cert for life
Can I stay on working in Ireland with ISS once the programme has finished?
Yes, as long as we have work available you can continue to work with us.
Will computer and internet access be provided or do I have to provide my own?
Every student should have their own tablet or laptop that they can work off, however the ISS office in Naas will be open Monday to Friday from 10 – 1 and 2 – 4 in which you can use the computer and internet facilities. There are libraries in Naas and Newbridge which can be used also.
How far will my work location be from my accommodation?
We recommend for every student to stay in either Naas or Newbridge as it is central to all possible work locations within a 10 km radius with plenty of public transport available, or you may be even able to walk or cycle depending on location
Are the courses only in English?
Yes all courses are carried out in English; therefore you will be required to have a good understanding of the English language. Some work contracts may require you to take an English Comprehension Test (ECT), which will be provided free of charge by ISS as part of your programme fee (usual retail price €85)
What is the cost of living like in Ireland?
In our experience summer workers can work and save a reasonable sum of money over a period of time whilst still going out and socialising in moderation. It will of course depend on each individual separately
Where are the master classes held?
They will be held in ISS office in Naas in the training room
Will I need insurance while I’m in Ireland or am I cover by the summer programme?
Yes you will need your own medical travel insurance, you will be under the insurance of the client during working hours, but still require your own insurance.
What do I contact if I find my self in any sort of trouble?
You will have an appointed programme team leader who will be available at all times to assist you