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"The secret of success lies in the ability to get the other persons point of view and to see things from that person's angle." Henry Ford

With one simple phone call we can provide you with a fast efficient solution to your staffing needs.

We can save you both your companies time and resources in advertising, administration, and extra payroll responsibilities .More and more companies are running lean operations and a one off or peak time project can place an undue strain on the function of your business .Temporary workers can provide a solution which allows your existing workforce to do what they do best and not waste resources planning project staffing etc.

Our temporary workers afford you the flexibility to adjust to changes and demands of the workplace / economy. Once having assessed your business needs we are confident we can quickly provide your business with the appropriate staff according to your requirements.

It is ISS desire to not just be a labour supplier but to be seen to have a synergy and total understanding of your business. The reason we exist is to service the needs of our clients, and along with our client we will take every step to meet these requirements.

Benefits of employing Temporary Workers.

Temporary workers afford you the flexibility to adjust to changes and demands of the workplace / economy

Enables your business to adjust more easily to workload fluctuations. We can quickly provide your business with the appropriate (qualified) staff.

In the short term it is generally more cost efficient to hire a temporary worker.

We take care of all the administration and payroll for the relevant employees.

Based on your evaluation or preferences, you can employ a temporary worker for a designated short term, or if desired, offer a full time position to a worker who suits your business.

  • Employees that are hired through our agency are interviewed and their references checked. That way we can make sure that the person is the best qualified for your businesses needs. Also when you no longer need them you can inform our agency and we will arrange to redeploy them.
  • To ensure employers find the most suitable candidate for their role, our consultants will rigorously vet all candidates.

If you find that the employee we sent to you is not suited for your work environment, or that you are just not comfortable with them you can ask us for a replacement.

Our temporary employee's can fill or cover all of the following areas be it due to your full time staff being on

  • Holidays
  • Maternity Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Disability Leave
  • Employee Absence
  • Or Peak work or Seasonal trends

This could help so that the other full time employee's don't suddenly feel overloaded or so that simply your business doesn't fall behind but simply keeps functioning on schedule.

This service can be provided within 24hrs?

Temporary employee's can be brought in when there's more work, and redeployed to other businesses when there's less work. Allowing for the work to ride along with your budget, and not having to overpay for work that isn't needed.

ISS prides itself in providing a prompt honest and trouble free service, and we are confident that whatever your requirements, we have the expertise to assist you in a professional and efficient manner.

It is our objective to solve your staffing problems and to meet your criteria in every candidate, in as short a time is possible.

We strive to source you small or large groups of people for temporary / permanent / seasonal and on demand work.

As our business depends on the satisfaction of our clients, we along with our client take every step possible to ensure a trouble free procedure.

Our trained consultants have and in-depth knowledge of their designated sectors and can guide employers on the requirements if desired.

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