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The role of Mediator

Your accredited mediator will guide you through every step of the process. The mediator is not appointed to make judgement and their role is completely neutral to any decision the parties come to. However the role of the mediator is significant in that they are trained to guide and facilitate a hearing to the standard guidelines set by the Minister for Justice & Law Reform.

Other areas you mediator looks after include

  • Your Mediator is responsible for booking a suitable date for the hearing and communication of same to all parties involved
  • Organising and covering the costs of the venue
  • Facilitating the hearing from 0-12 hours
  • Drawing up a legal binding document before parties depart on the day
  • Or where a judge has ordered the mediation and resolution has not been found the mediator is responsible for submitting subsequent reports to the courts outlining same

You are required

  • To ensure the correct decision makers are involved in the mediation process from the beginning so resolution can be sought efficiently on the day
  • Show up on time and respect the process which will be outlined by the mediator prior to commencement
  • Bring your solicitor to the hearing in situations where you might require legal advice before making a binding agreement
  • Paying costs in full and at the beginning of a hearing

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